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Mission Statement:

Vehicle Theft - To unite those engaged in the prevention and investigation of vehicle theft incidents and its consequences through:

Vehicle theft awareness

Identification of critical issues

Cooperation and sharing of information

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Professional development through education and training

2017 CCATA ANNUAL AWARD OF MERIT was presented to the following individuals:

Saskatoon Police Service Stolen Auto Unit
  • Det. Bryce Baillargeon
  • Det. James Wilde

Saskatchewan Government Insurance
  • Larry Wrench
  • Vern Windrim

They were presented for the award for the Theft Reduction Vehicle TRV The program was launched at the end of July 2016 and to date SPS has arrested and charged 20 individuals. SPS is proud to boast a 100% success rate in all files and identification of persons. Approximately 50 charges (and warrants executed) have been laid to date. SPS patrol then follows up on charged individuals to ensure they are abiding by court imposed conditions.

  • Cpl. Darryl Ness

Last year our office (Saskatoon GIS) worked a joint project with Saskatoon Police Service Auto theft that was quite successful. I'll give you the short version if you want more I can do that later.

SPS and RCMP had numerous John Deere tractor and equipment thefts in the areas. SPS auto theft ( Bryce Bellageron and James Wilde ) developed a suspect that resided in a rural area by Delisle Sask. A joint effort was started, and in the end a search warrant was executed by our units on this individual. in total there were 5 new John Deere tractors recovered, other farm equipment, trailers, trucks, side by sides, quads and various other items. In total I think the total dollar value of items recovered was 1.2 million $$ . This guy was never a suspect in anything up until this investigation, and turned out he had been stealing everything he owned for about 10 years.